BMW 5.0 Amp battery charger: The 5.0 Amp battery charger can be used to easily and dependably recharge batteries to full capacity. The selection of the current and the 8-level charging occur automatically. In addition, battery diagnosis and recharging of deeply discharged batteries are also possible.

BMW 5.0 Amp battery charger : INR 10,278


Powder fire extinguisher: Thanks to its optimal design and easy attachment, the convenient fire extinguisher can be stored out of sight beneath the driver‘s seat. Its pressure control mechanism and large sturdy handle make it particularly user-friendly. Furthermore, the spray of extinguishing agents can be interrupted to allow targeted extinguishing in several places.

Powder fire extinguisher : INR 6,928
Powder fire extinguisher, Incl. cradle : INR 10,614
Mounting parts : INR 5,239


Mobility set: The intuitive mobility set makes it easy to get back on the road in the event of a flat tyre. Regardless of the tyre dimensions, damage on the tyre tread of less than 4 mm can be fixed, making it possible to continue driving to the next BMW Service partner. Set comprises a powerful compressor, tyre sealant, gloves and various valve adapters that can also be used, for example, for bicycles. For attachment to the lashing eyes in the luggage compartment.

Mobility set : INR 10,389


Jump leads: The premium-quality copper cable is fully insulated and features an integrated protective circuit and highly robust battery clamps. Delivered in a storage bag, two versions are available – 3.5 m long with a cross-section of 25 mm2 or 4.5 m long with a cross-section of 35 mm2 for vehicles with a large capacity.

Jump leads, 3.5m x 25mm2 : INR 9,211
Jump leads, 4.5m x 35mm2 : INR 15,926


Alarm system: The alarm system provides optimum protection for the vehicle. When the system detects unauthorised opening of the bonnet/tailgate or doors, access to the interior, wheel theft, towing or interruption to battery voltage, it activates the warning indicators and acoustic alarm.

Alarm system : INR 16,449


Driver utility set: The driver utility set includes a selection of tools for various applications.

Driver utility set : INR 11,021

High-visibility safety vest (Not Illustrated): The BMW high-visibility safety vests improve personal safety in the event of a breakdown. They are extremely well-made and highly visible during both day and night.

High-visibility safety vest : INR 1,775


First-aid kit: The compact first-aid kit includes all of the important tools for taking immediate action at the scene of an accident. It includes a practical Velcro fastener on the back side and is easily accessible through the zip closure around three sides.

First-aid kit : INR 3,290


Universal rear seat protective cover: The universal rear seat protective cover keeps the rear seats from getting dirty. Thanks to strategically placed recesses for seat belts and buckles, it makes the perfect accessory when travelling, for example, for safely taking dogs along.

Universal rear seat protective cover : INR 12,214


Loading sill mat: The durable mat protects the loading sill during loading and unloading and the luggage compartment from scratches and dirt. It is attached using moveable velcro strips on the rear fastening points in the luggage compartment. It can also be used as an anti-slip mat in the luggage compartment.

Loading sill mat : INR 6,843


Fitted luggage compartment mat: The fined, anti-slip and durable mat with raised borders on all sides protects the luggage compartment from dirt and moisture. It is black with an exclusive, integrated, chrome-plated 7, and features a loop for easy removal.

Fitted luggage compartment mat : INR 12,897


Folding box: The black folding box with a load capacity of up to 20 kg can be used to store smaller items or as a shopping crate. It can be effortlessly folded and unfolded thanks to Velcro strips, is slip-resistant and can be easily stored away to save space when not being used.

Folding box, Black : INR 3,955 | Black/Red : INR 3,955


Luggage compartment floor net: The luggage compartment floor net prevents loose objects from moving around the luggage compartment. The black netting with integrated S-hooks is secured on the luggage compartment's built-in fastening points.

Luggage compartment floor net : INR 4,551